The pressing of the olives is one of the most magical moments, when the oil mill fills with fragrances and the expectations of a year's production are condensed.
Castello di Meleto's Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the result of a lot of work that begins on the plant, with organic cultivation, and continues with the harvest, exclusively by hand.
Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2020 perfectly expresses the characteristics of the land: deep green in colour and clear, it has a pleasant almond aftertaste. 

Here in Chianti, at and altitude between 360 and 530 meters, the olives grow according to nature. We cultivate our trees using the polyconic vase growing system. The main cultivars are typical Tuscan: Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino and Pendolino, handpicked in early November.

Area of production: land surrounding the Castle Orchard.
Altitude: Between 360 m and 530 above the sea level
Ha of olive groves: 10 hectares.
N° of Plants: Approximately 1,600.

Varieties: Frantoio , Moraiolo , Leccino and Pendolino.
Average Production: 15/20 quintals of oil.
Yield per plant: 12 kg of olives
Average yield in oil: 12-15 %
Acidity: 0.17%

Pesticide Treatments: None
Fertilizer: Organic
Finishing: harrowing for the burial of fertilizer and weed management
Training System: jar polyconic

Harvest time: early November
Harvest: traditional hand-harvested
Type of pressing: the olives are pressed the same day they are collected. In making crusher crushing plant in modern continuous cycle.

Colour: Deep clear green
Aroma: typical of cultivars with an almond aftertaste
Taste: medium fruity, perfectly sour and spicy
Serving suggestions: excellent for bruschetta and a condiment on meat, fish , salads.

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