Honey is sweeter this year.

It is called Nectar of the Gods and it is a magical product: honey. 
For Castello di Meleto, the production of artisan and organic honey has an indissoluble link with the land and its plants: from wild flowers to honeydew and chestnut. It pairs perfectly with many dishes, with cheeses, splendid on a slice of Tuscan bread but also suitable for sweetening.

The new custody project "In the name of the bee". 

This project aims to triple the existence of bees in order to encourage a return of this precious insect to the territory of Gaiole in Chianti and its surroundings.
The protection of the place is one of the peculiar aspects on which the company bases its work, aspiring to a return to methods and practices that have fallen into disuse, to be maintained according to a thought that intends to protect man and the landscape.
The project "In the name of the Bee" is based on the desire to facilitate the increase of pollinating bees, which have a positive effect on man's immune system.
The opportunity of renting out a hive on a time basis is intended to promote a current message in a precise direction: on the one hand, to return to good practices of rebalancing, which are also necessary for everyone's environmental education; on the other, to cultivate an awareness among citizens and build a future of conservation.
For those who decide to become custodians of a beehive, it will allow it to grow and develop; in this way they will take care of it from a distance and be involved in its growth step by step.
Each hive taken into custody with a donation of 250 euros will have the investor's name on it and, from the production of each loco, 2 kg will be extracted for 5 years of custody, for a total of 10 kg.
The 20 beehives on the property provide quality organic honey and it is the intention to triple the number of families in the near future, in order to support the biodiversity of the area and a global heritage with eco-sustainable development.



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